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Painted. Studios
Painted. Studios
Folsom, CA
Painted. Studios



Folsom, CA



About Us

Painted. is about bringing people together to do something different... Something they never thought they would, or could do.....create art! The art that people create always stirs up a memory of friendship and the experience they had creating their masterpiece. We often use the term 'create a memory' in our studio because people aren't just creating art....they're creating a memorable experience!


Combining step-by-step instruction with music, energy, wine, food, and laughter creates art entertainment. Painted. is a place you can go to try something new....even with no artistic ability! You can view additional information about our studio on our FAQ page. 

Interested in hosting a Private Party at our studio? Check our Parties page for details!


About the Artists:




Michelle, our studio manager,  was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Starting at the age of 7, she has taken a variety of art courses such as cartooning, charcoal, digital & Cosmetic artistry .  Painting has become a favorite way to express herself.  She graduated with a BA in Economics & has a passion for small business  and instructing.  She recently had her second son and loves being a new mom! When not instructing classes or with her little ones, she enjoys home projects, listening to music, and watching football! *go Rams!



Hannah grew up in California's foothills.  She's a full time student majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Art History.  Her current goal is to autor and illustrate books, perhaps moving into a small career involving film later in life.  Hannah has always been drawn towards the act of creating, whether that be through writing, drawing, painting, or DIY projects.  Her spare time is either spent creating, taking spontaneous trips, playing video games, or reading books.



Brie is originally from Marin but migrated to Sacramento to apprentice as a tattoo artist! She’s been an independent artist for the past decade, dabbling in a little bit of everything – realistic portraits, murals, tattoo designs, book illustrations, logos etc. She also studied animation in Britain for a few years before moving home to pursue tattooing and freelance painting. Brie is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady with two girls: Andy & Sid, whom she loves to talk about at length if given the chance. She loves naps, green tea, true crime documentaries, and thrift shopping!



Lisa is originally from Maui, Hawaii. But she’s lived in California for 20 years. She has four kids ranging from 17-3 years and considers being a stay-at-home Mom her first and most important job. Lisa has loved art since she was a child. She thrives on learning new mediums to express creativity and color. Besides painting her other passion is making jewelry, using epoxy resin, leather, and clay. Lisa feels most at home and happiest when she is creating something! 



How do I sign up?

 View our calendar to reserve seats for classes. Reservations are required.


Studio Hours:
Monday Private Parties only.
Tuesday 10am-4pm
Wed-Saturday 11am-8pm
Sunday 11am-5pm
*Hours may vary. Check our calendar for class schedule

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